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i never got the chance to say goodbye
as your friend
i only said goodbye
as your lover.
“have a safe flight,” was the last thing you said to me.
when i landed i was jetlagged,
i slept at 4 am
but not before texting
“good night. i love you.”
i knew we’d broken up
i thought…

i keep giving him chances to prove to me that
we are on the same page,
that we are citing the same sources for our definition of love.
oxford, meriam-webster, Cambridge, kamus dewan,
which is it, my love?
i thought that we were on the same page when you said
“i’m here…

Lately, I’ve been having relatively more free time. The cycle of spending hours conducting the mental gymnastics of whether to study or not, proceeding to spend hours studying and then hunt for a dopamine kick, is a cycle I can dust my hands off and look back on for the…

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  1. “To Live” by Yu Hua

Since I started college, I’ve been under a dry spell for fictional books. I would just feel incredibly guilty spending so much time reading something that was not assigned in class. My reading habits are comprised of only two extremes : mustering the willpower to…

Project Description and Rationale

Automobiles provide substantial access to opportunities in U.S. cities that have been developed around the automobile. However, there are numerous barriers to automobile ownership, particularly for low-income households, many of whom cannot afford to own and operate vehicles. Compounding these difficulties is the role of the lending sector, a sector…


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